The University of Southampton

Teerasak Lee 

Postgraduate Research Student


Lee, Teerasak, Kennedy, Henry, Bodnar, Rares and Redman-White, William (2017) A CMOS MF energy harvesting and data demodulator receiver for wide area low duty cycle applications with 250 mV start-up voltage. Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, 13.

Redman-White, William, Kennedy, Henry, Bodnar, Rares and Lee, Teerasak (2017) Adaptive tuning of large-signal resonant circuits using phase-switched fractional capacitance. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II, 64 (9), 1072-1076.

Kennedy, Henry, Bodnar, Rares, Lee, Teerasak and Redman-White, William (2018) A self-tuning resonant-inductive-link transmit driver using quadrature symmetric delay trimmable phase-switched fractional capacitance. IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits, 53 (6), 1694 - 1706. (doi:10.1109/JSSC.2018.2810206).


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