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Yazan Musleh

Yazan will be leading a team to use solar power to tackle poverty alleviation in low-middle income countries as urgent efforts are required to reduce the cost of renewable energy in order to tackle the worst effects of climate change. In order to integrate solar energy further into the renewable energy mix, understanding the reliability of modules is key. This Ph.D. project focuses on:

  • The modeling of emerging Photovoltaic module technologies, including tandems and bifacial modules.
  • Engineering outdoor testing stands for experimental validation as well as using Southampton’s state-of-the-art laboratories and characterisation facilities.

Yazan is a Ph.D. Student in Electronic & Electrical Engineering at the University of Southampton. His research focuses on the Optimisation of Bifacial and Tandem Photovoltaic Modules through Outdoor Testing. Before enrolling at Southampton, he was an Electrical Power Engineering undergraduate at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom. He achieved a first-class grade in every module and thus, graduating with a high First Class Hons degree. As a result, he was awarded the Nominated Student Prize and Student Performance Prize.  During his time at Newcastle University, Yazan was the Lead Course Representative for Electrical and Electronic Engineering Undergraduates; where he was nominated as the UG Course Rep of the Year Award.

Outside of academia, Yazan did dedicate his time-off to continuously developing his interpersonal skills. Yazan did work as an Electronic Design Automation (EDA) intern at Pulsic inc. for a 4 month period in 2020; his role was to help software engineers to analyse the performance of the revolutionary Animate Preview software across a wide range of data. He was responsible for analysing circuits to discern the desired results and report back on how well the software had performed relative to these requirements. Moreover, he was a Photovoltaic Design Engineering Intern at the award-winning firm Modern Arabia for Solar Energy (MASE); where he experienced first-hand designing, building, operating, and maintaining retail as well as utility-scale solar PV plants in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.  


Research interests

  • PV for Developing Communities
  • Tandem and Bifacial Modules
  • Cost-effectiveness & Feasibility of PV Systems 
  • Single Axis & Dual-Axis tracking of PV on a System Level

Please contact Yazan for possible collaborations with his Supervisory team via email.


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