The University of Southampton

Dr Zeeshan Ahmed PhD

Dr Zeeshan Ahmed is a consultant in the School of Electronics and Computer Science. He is leading the process development activities for the Advanced Packaging Facility. His current research activities include advanced microelectronic packaging, an EPSRC funded project focused on developing smart bicycles and SMARTmove, aimed at fabricating FES electrodes using dispenser printed functional inks. He also works at the Southampton Nanofabrication centre on commercial assignments.

Zeeshan was awarded a first class honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Queen Mary University of London in 2012. He was awarded a PhD in 2018 for a thesis titled "Dispenser Printed Actively Actuated Colour-Changing Smart Fabrics". As part of his PhD, he has sucessfully developed conductive and thermochromic inks. He has also optimised dispenser printing of conductive, resistive and dielectic inks on fabric surfaces.


  • Z.Ahmed, R.Torah, K.Yang, S.Beeby and J.Tudor (2016) Investigation and improvement of the dispenser printing of electrical interconnections for smart fabric applications. Smart Materials and Structures, 25(10), 105021.
  • Z.Ahmed, Y.Wei, R.Torah and J.Tudor (2016). Actively actuated all dispenser printed thermochrmic smart fabric device. Electronics letters, 52(19), 1601-1603.
  • Z.Ahmed, R.Torah, and J.Tudor (2015). Optimisation of a novel direct-write dispenser printer technique for improving printed smart fabric device performance. In Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS (DTIP), 2015 Symposium on (pp.1-5). IEEE
  • Y.Wei, Z.Ahmed, R.Torah, and J.Tudor (2016) Dispenser printed actively controlled thermochromic colour changing device on fabric for smart fabric applications At CIMTEC 2016: 5th International Conference Smart and Multifunctional materials and Structures and Systems, 2016, Italy. 05-09 Jun 2016.  
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