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The Graduate School in Electronics and Computer Science aims to support you throughout your time undertaking PhD research, both as you develop research skills and as you progress through different stages of your research.

Within the structure of the Faculty Graduate School you will be supported as you develop the skills of a researcher.

You'll be assigned a team of supervisors to give you individual supervision throughout the enrolment period, and to assess your research training needs regularly. Direct and regular contact with your supervisors will help you acquire a deep knowledge of your chosen field, develop the relevant scientific insight, and steer you towards creative and original thinking.

The Grad School will provide training on generic and transferable skills, courses on research methodology, and a working framework to help you settle into a disciplined working routine. You will be able to sharpen your team and communication skills by working as a member of your chosen research group, and will be given the opportunity to travel to international conferences and events to present your own work and further your scholarship. The Director of the Faculty Graduate School is Prof Nick Evans.

The excellent teaching combined with world leading research helped shape my decision to continue studying at Southampton. I now enjoy the freedom to plan my own day and steer my research in whichever direction I choose.

Marc de Vos - PhD in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, carrying out research into light emitting smart fabrics

PhD Studentships

Details of current PhD studentships are advertised on our job opportunities page