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ProjectBig Data for Medical Analytics - Big Medilytics20182021
ProjectCensus 2021 Big Data Outliers and Anomalies Detection - OADEM 202120172018
ProjectData Stories: Engaging citizens with data in a post-truth society20172020
ProjectSEDNA - Intelligent Big Data Analytics for Safer Shipping Operations under Extreme Arctic Environments"20172020
ProjectHuman-Machine Teaming for Intelligence Analysis20172017
ProjectASSET: Augmented Safety through Smart EnvironmenTs20172019
ProjectTransforming Transport20172020
ProjectPROTECT-CDE - Coastal defences wave energy attenuation and harvesting20172017
ProjectQROWD - Because Big Data Integration is Humanly Possible20162019
ProjectCollaborative Big Data Research and Data science with Office National Statistics2016
ProjectONS Big Data Research Initiative2016
ProjectBig Data Science and Analytics20162017
ProjectLead Niobate-based Tunable Dielectrics for Smart Microwave and Millimeter-wave Systems20162020
ProjectDAIS ITA: Distributed Analytics and Information Science - International Technology Alliance20162021
ProjectPETRAS Internet of Things Research Hub20162019
ProjectIncentive Design and Revenue Optimisation in On-demand Mobility Systems20162017
ProjectMicrofluidic characterization of stem cell heterogeneity20152019
ProjectOpen Data Incubator for Europe (ODINE)20152017
ProjectInsights into offshore resources and processes using Big Data Analytics20152015
ProjectUltra-Low Power Design Based on Near Threshold Voltage20142018
ProjectCooperative Classical and Quantum Communications Systems20142017
ProjectTowards Enhanced HVDC Cable Systems20142018
ProjectMassive Open Online Annotation Framework20142015
ProjectMOOCAP - Massive Open Online Course Accessibility Partnership20142017
ProjectVOICE - Virtual Open Incubation Ecosystem20142017
ProjectTransient wave spectra analyses in complex porous structure20142017
ProjectMOOCs for Accessibility Partnership (MOOCAP)2014
ProjectProteoGUV platforms20142018
ProjectImplementation of Very Short-term Wind Power Prediction System20142014
ProjectThin Film Thermo-Electric Generators20142020
ProjectAn electronic-based ELISA combined with microfluidics20142017
ProjectMountain Sensing20142016
ProjectMeaningful Consent in the Digital Economy20142017
ProjectHighly-parallel algorithms and architectures for high-throughput wireless receivers20142017
ProjectNanopore resistive pulse sensing for molecular diagnostics20142018
ProjectMonitoring contractility of bio-realistic human cardiac tissue in vitro20142014
ProjectArabic Symbol Dictionary20132016
ProjectOpen Data Monitor20132015
ProjectOpen Data Monitor2013
ProjectReal neurons-nanoelectronics Architecture with Memristive Plasticity20132016
Project'SPHERE' - a Sensor Platform for HEalthcare in a Residential Environment20132018
ProjectGeneralised LDPC architectures for high-throughput FPGA realisation20132016
ProjectIoT Lab - Internet of Things Lab20132016
ProjectSemantic Data Management20132017
ProjectReliably unreliable nanotechnologies20132018
ProjectInternational Centre for Infrastructure Futures (ICIF)20132016
ProjectInternational Centre for Infrastructure Futures (ICIF)20132016
ProjectSi-based Single Electron Transistor Integration for Quantum Information Processing20132014
ProjectPRiME: Power-efficient, Reliable, Many-core Embedded systems20132018
ProjectLow Cost Nanowire Diagnostic Platform20122015
ProjectMultiagent Collectives for Sensing Autonomy Intelligence and Control (MOSAIC)20122016
ProjectImpact of Seabed Properties on Ampacity and Reliability of Cables20122015
ProjectApplication of Statistical Rating Techniques to Wind Farm Export Cable Systems20122016
ProjectUnderstanding Environmental Controls on the State of Sub-seafloor High Voltage Cables20122015
ProjectCondition monitoring and prognostic indicators for network reliability20122015
ProjectSouthampton-Fraunhofer Strategic Web Science Collaboration20122014
ProjectSOCIAM: The Theory and Practice of Social Machines20122017
ProjectQuantify and understand the potential benefits of plasmonics in photovoltaics20122017
ProjectPolymeric Insulation for high voltage DC application20122016
ProjectModelling PD in Cavities under DC and AC Electric Fields20122016
ProjectSynaptic-like Dynamics of Volatile Memristors20122013
ProjectChannel Decoder Architectures for Energy-Constrained Wireless Communication Systems: Holistic Approach20122015
ProjectSynote Mobile20122012
ProjectDynamic Ratings for improved Operational Performance20122015
ProjectApplications development for the Helium Ion Microscope2012
ProjectOptimization of a PPT for nano and pico satellite applications2012
ProjectEINS Network of Excellence in Internet Science20122015
ProjectMetadata-enabled Tools for Assistive Living and Learning20122014
ProjectFlexible Rating Options for DC Operation20122014
ProjectDevelopment of a Hollow Cathode Thruster20122015
ProjectDevelopment of a Hollow Cathode Thruster20122015
ProjectFP7 ICT CONCERTO20112015
ProjectMicrofluidic white blood cell arrays20112015
ProjectFocussing a cultural lens on the growth of trust networks : a Syrian Perspective2011
ProjectMicrovolume dialysis for blood desalting20112015
ProjectDETMex: Expanding and distributing EASiHE tools: a collaboration between Southampton and México2011
ProjectControl of Cable Tunnel Ventilation20112012
ProjectDielectric Response of Nanostructured Systems2011
ProjectDielectric Response of Nanostructured Systems20112015
ProjectTelemedicine System Empowering Stroke Patients to Fight Back20112014
ProjectPatient-centric model for remote management, treatment and rehabilitation of autistic children20112014
ProjectPatient-centric model for remote management, treatment and rehabilitation of autistic children20112014
ProjectADVANCE: Advanced Design and Verification Environment for Cyber-physical System Engineering20112015
ProjectThe Development of a Software Component Library to Support the Rapid Assembly of Geo-Centred Linked Data Applications20112013
ProjectEffect of oil passivation on the electrical properties of high voltage transformers20112015
ProjectComputational modelling of the process of electrical breakdown in a dielectric fluid2011
ProjectPlasticity in NEUral Memristive Architectures20112014
ProjectOpenMentor Technology Transfer: OMtetra20112012
ProjectRadiation Effects and Reliability of Resistive Memories (RRAM)20112018
ProjectATBar Arabic2011
ProjectSubsea HVDC connections2011
ProjectAdvanced dielectric materials20112013
ProjectRoberts Enterprise Scheme - Postgraduate training for Accessibility and Assistive Technology2011
ProjectAdaptable and Learnable User Interface for Analysing Recordings (ALUIAR)20112011
ProjectStudent Centredness Projects2011
ProjectProvenance Working Group20112013
ProjectCoarse geometry and cohomology of large data sets20112014
ProjectDynamic Photo Voltaic Arrays20112014
ProjectSouthampton Student Dashboard20112012
ProjectGO! Platform20112011
ProjectIntelligent Systems for Disaster Management20112012
ProjectARCOMEM: From Collect-All Archives to Community Memories - Leveraging the Wisdom of the Crowds for Intelligent Preservation20112013
ProjectStructured low-rank approximation: Theory, algorithms, and applications20112015
ProjectORCHID: Human-Agent Collectives - From Foundations to Applications20112016
ProjectUK Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium20112016
ProjectInfluence of oil contamination on the electrical performance of power transformers20112013
ProjectBuilding Banter20102012
ProjectAn investigation into partial discharge sources and locations along the high voltage transformers20102014
ProjectRestore: Promoting Sustainable Research Methods and Resources20102013
Project3D lithography of shaped lipid bilayer apertures20102014
ProjectSurface Electrode Array-based Electrical Stimulation and Iterative Learning Control for Hand Rehabilitation20102014
ProjectParallel Electrophysiological Characterization of Sodium Channels20102014
ProjectSWORD 2.020102011
ProjectIntelligent Agents for Home Energy Management20102013
ProjectDegradation Behaviour of Voids in Silicone Rubber under Applied AC Electric Fields20102014
ProjectBreakthrough Studies on the Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) Coating Process20102013
ProjectEnergy Harvesting Materials for Smart Fabrics and Interactive Textiles20102015
ProjectResilient Futures20102013
ProjectFlocc (functional language on compute clusters)2010
ProjectCharge Transport in Nanodielectrics20102013
ProjectElectrical and picosecond optical control of plasmonic nanoantenna hybrid devices20102018
ProjectREALISE : REfining And Learning from on-line tools for Internet Shared Enterprise2010
ProjectSouthampton Resource Allocation Simulation20102010
ProjectiCRIG SITS20102012
ProjectInStep - part of the In-folio collection.2010
ProjectDesign and Human Evaluation of Haptic Devices for Hand Rehabilitation from Sensory Deficits due to Neurological Impairment20102010
ProjectThe Care Life Cycle20102015
ProjectWIME: Developing and Evaluating Interventions to Reduce Inappropriate Prescribing of Antibiotics in Primary Care.20102012
ProjectSpintronic device physics in Si/Ge Heterostructures20102016
ProjectCyclic and person-centric Health management : Integrated appRoach for hOme, mobile and clinical eNvironments20102013
ProjectDC conductivity measurement of transformer oils and its application in diagnosis of oil status20102014
ProjectDC conductivity measurement of transformer oils and its application in diagnosis of oil status20102014
ProjectExtremist Ideological Influences on Group Decision Making: IEXTREME20102012
ProjectPatient Centric Approach for an Integrated, Adaptive, Context Aware Remote Diagnosis and Management of Cardiovascular Diseases20102014
ProjectEfficiency Improvement in MEMS Thermoelectric Generators employing Solar Concentration20102014
ProjectCyclic and person-centric Health management : Integrated appRoach for hOme, mobile and clinical eNvironments20102013
ProjectOpen PSI20102010
ProjectArtificial Wet Neuronal Networks from Compartmentalised Excitable Chemical Media20102013
ProjectPhase Change Memory Materials via Non-Aqueous Electrodeposition into Nano-structured Templates20102021
ProjectProtein expression in microsystems20102013
ProjectVisual Object Classification with Biologically Relevant Generative Models20102013
ProjectOpen Impact20102010
ProjectAdvanced NAno-Structured TApeS for electrotechnical high power Insulating Applications (ANASTASIA)20102013
ProjectPATINA: Personal Architectonics Through Interactions with Artifacts20102015
ProjectEnergy Harvesting Network20102012
ProjectNanodielectrics for machine insulation20092012
ProjectDielectrics for high temperature superconducting applications2009
ProjectThe Magnifier20092010
ProjectStudy of Surface Discharge Behaviour at the Oil-pressboard Interface of Large Transformers20092012
ProjectSouthampton Learning Environment2009
ProjectVerifying Shared Memory Communication for Low-Power Multi-core SoCs2009
ProjectThree Phase Partial Discharge monitoring of MV PILC cables20092011
ProjectThe use of spectroscopic techniques to characterise nanodielectric systems20092012
ProjectModelling of Thermal Damage in Carbon Fibre Composites20092013
ProjectJoint Sensing, Communications and Intelligence Techniques for Body Area Wireless Sensor Networks2009
ProjectNext Generation Energy-Harvesting Electronics - Holistic Approach20092012
ProjectTowards Intelligent Insulation20092012
ProjectNiPd-Si Schottky barrier Hydrogen Sensors20092016
ProjectInstitutional Data Management Blueprint20092011
ProjectWeb Science Doctoral Training Centre20092014
ProjectPartial discharge (PD) analysis of defective paper insulated lead covered (PILC) cable samples under three-phase rated condition20092013
ProjectThe development and evaluation of an internet-based smoking cessation intervention (ISCI)20092010
ProjectThree Phase Partial Discharge monitoring of MV PILC cables20092010
ProjectCarbon Nanotube Spintronics20092011
ProjectAccessibility Cloud20092010
ProjectA VRE to support cross-disciplinary and crossinstitutional collaboration in internet-based behavioural research (IBBRE)20092011
ProjectJISC TechDis ToolBar20092009
ProjectVirtual Research Integration Collaboration (VRIC)20092011
ProjectdotAC: Exploring the UK research landscape20092009
ProjectDesign-of-Experiment (DOE) techniques in electronic design automation2009
ProjectAccessible Resource Project20092011
ProjectDesign-of-Experiment (DOE) techniques in electronic design automation2009
ProjectSilicon Nanowire Arrays for Viral Infection Markers20092012
ProjectAccessible Resources Pilot Project20092010
ProjectRare-Earth Doped Planar Upconversion Waveguide Lasers20092011
ProjectKeepIt - repository preservation20092010
ProjectReadiness for REF20092011
ProjectObjective-based Iterative Learning Control for Robotics and Rehabilitation20092011
ProjectHelium Ion Microscopy and Spectroscopy20092012
ProjectEnAKTing the Unbounded Data Web: Challenges in Web Science20092012
ProjectManagement of Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Primary Care: (MIBS)20092009
ProjectRelating the chemical and physical properties of nanoparticles to their cellular toxicity2009
ProjectMagnetic Field Technologies to support Multi-Sensor Device2009
ProjectTwo Degree of Freedom Capacitive MEMS Velocity Sensor2009
ProjectPRimary care Infection Management for Everyday practice (PRIME)20092009
ProjectPoint of Care Full Blood Count20092011
ProjectInterface for Micro-Machined Vibratory Gyroscope20092011
ProjectInterface for Micro-Machined Vibratory Gyroscope20092011
ProjectIntelligent Decentralised Energy-Aware Systems (iDEaS)20092013
ProjectMulti-Processor Electronic Design Automation20082011
ProjectSystem Level Harvested-Energy Management2008
ProjectMicro fabrication production technology for MEMS on new emerging smart textiles/flexibles20082012
ProjectReport on eAssessment Quality (REAQ)20082009
ProjectUltra Sensitive Charge-based Chemical/Biosensors Using Suspended Silicon Nanostructures20082012
ProjectAlgorithms to Ensure Data Resilience in Sensor Networks2008
ProjectInstrumented Forearm Crutches for Patient Rehabilitation2008
ProjectSpace Chare Dynamics and Electroluminance Modelling in Solid Dielectrics20082012
ProjectReliable Low Power Circuit Design Techniques2008
ProjectModelling the Aging Processes of Polymeric Insulation using Electroluminescence and Space Charge Measurement Data20082012
Projecte-Assessment in Higher Education (EASiHE)20082011
ProjectEnergy Consumption Analysis of Error Resilient Communication Protocols for Body Area Wireless Sensor Network Applications2008
ProjectIn-situ sensor system for marine measurement20082011
ProjectA Learning-Based Approach for Efficient Long-term Information Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks20082012
ProjectThe Use of Raman Microscopy in the Analysis of Electerical Aging in Polymeric Insulators20082012
ProjectSemantic Technologies in Learning and Teaching (SemTech)20082009
ProjectMicro-fluidic impedance spectroscopy20082011
ProjectA Primary care trial of an Infection control website to Modify Influenza-like illness (ILI) and RTI Transmission (PRIMIT)20082009
ProjectSemi-insulating Si for RF circuits20082016
ProjectControl and Management of Autonomous Mobile Sensors20082010
ProjectNovel Heuristics for Coalition Structure Generation in Multi-agent Systems.20082008
ProjectResonant Nano-Electro-Mechanical Sensors for Molecular Mass-Detection20082011
ProjectCustomization and Adaptation of Automatically Generated Code20082011
ProjectLifeGuide: Behavioural Intervention Grid20082010
ProjectDeveloping and piloting a web based interactive self-management programme for the treatment of multiple sclerosis fatigue20082008
ProjectAutonomic Supply Chains in Computational Economies20082009
ProjectElectronic Visualisation of nineteenth-century French literary-scientific texts20082009
ProjectIBWiki: A Semantic Wiki for the e-Framework Upper Level20082008
ProjectSCOVIS - Self Configurable Cognitive Video Supervision20082011
ProjectIntegrated flow-cytometer on chip for in situ particle counting and sampling2008
ProjectMicro-fabrication and Micro-fluidic Technology20082012
ProjectInstant Knowledge20082011
ProjectMicro-fabrication and Microfluidic Technology for Marine Micro-system20082011
ProjectSilicone oil degradation analysis (SODA)20082010
ProjectModelling and Measurement of Partial Discharges from a Spherical Cavity and Ellipsoidal Cavity20082010
ProjectRedistributing WSN Energy Consumption2008
ProjectCOCONUT: A Correct-by-Construction Workbench for Design and Verification of Embedded Systems20082010
ProjectMultimedia Annotation and Community FOlksonomy Building (MACFOB)20082009
ProjectPersonal Information Navigator Adapting Through Viewing (PinView)20082010
ProjectMicrofluidic Devices for Structural Health Monitoring20082011
ProjectFaroes: Repositories for Sharing Learning Resources in Distributed Social Spaces20072009
ProjectMechanical amplification in inertial sensors2007
ProjectRemora: mobile applications to support the training of social workers in the wild20072009
ProjectLearning Societies Toolkit2007
ProjectThe effect of cross-linking byproduct on electrical properties of soaked LDPE.20072012
ProjectLightweight Signal Processing Algorithms and Architectures for Pervasive Healthcare2007
ProjectWSNs for Real-Time Motion Detection and Tracking2007
ProjectHigher-order forces and torques on dielectric particles20072010
ProjectHigher-order forces and torques on dielectric particles20072010
ProjectEdSpace - An Educationally focussed Repository for the University of Southampton20072009
ProjectCryogenic Dielectrics20072012
ProjectHigher-order forces and torques on dielectric particles20072010
ProjectImpulse ageing of polymeric materials20072010
ProjectLow-Cost, Long-Term Distributed Patient Research Platform2007
ProjectNickel Palladium alloy contacts for Carbon nanotube Spintronics20072010
ProjectEdScene - Scenarios for Academic Information20072008
ProjectAdaptive Hyper and Multi Spectral Data Fusion for Target Detection and Tracking20072010
ProjectmusicSpace: using and evaluating e-Science Design Methods and Technologies to Improve Access to Heterogeneous Music Resources fo20072010
ProjectMicrofluidic whole-cell biosensor20072009
ProjectAntireflective surfaces by Nanosphere Lithography2007
ProjectRoCiT - Ratings of Cables in Tunnels20072012
ProjectOptical waveguide sensors for highly sensitive detection and quantification of cytokines in biological fluids20072008
ProjectRenewable materials for high voltage applications20072010
ProjectElectrically Small Antennas - Very High Permittivity Dielectric Resonator Antenna20072008
ProjectNOTOS: New algOrithm for LTL mOdel checking with Satisfiability20072009
ProjectNanodielectrics: relationships between polar and non polar molecules20072008
ProjectRichTags: Supporting Better Exploration of Digital Repositories with Semantic Social Tagging20072008
ProjectFeasibility of Novel Deca-Nanometer Vertical MOSFETs for Low-cost Radio Frequency Circuit Application20072010
ProjectAssessment Delivery Engine for QTIv2 questions20072008
ProjectLExDis - Disabled learners’ experiences of e-learning2007
ProjectFeasibility of Novel Deca-Nanometer Vertical MOSFETs for Low-cost Radio Frequency Circuit Application20072010
Project3Clix project20072010
ProjectAutonomous Experimentation2007
ProjectLiving Devices2007
ProjectCORAL: Creating Opportunities for Research and Learning20072007
ProjectTest project20072008
ProjectPreliminary Investigation of the Detection of Early Stage Prion Disease in Mouse Brain Sections2007
ProjectBioComputing Substrates2007
ProjectPeerPigeon: REST Services for Resource Submission and Distribution to Peer Review Groups20072007
ProjectE-Framework Services for Course Evaluation20072007
ProjectOtoacoustic Emission Based Biometric Systems20072010
ProjectSurface discharge measurement using the pockels effect20062009
ProjectAn Investigation into the structure and properties of Polyethylene Oxide Nanocomposites20062009
ProjectTOPS - teaching over performing students2006
ProjectHighly-efficient thermoelectric power harvesting, EPSRC EP/D07625020062010
ProjectHighly-efficient thermoelectric power harvesting20062010
ProjectHighly-efficient thermoelectric power harvesting20062010
ProjectHighly-efficient thermoelectric power harvesting20062010
ProjectGrid-Enabled Data Collection and Analysis - Semantic Annotation in Skills-Based Learning20062007
ProjectOntoMediate: Ontological Mediation and Semantic Gateways for Domain/Enterprise Translations20062009
ProjectMarket Blended Insight20062010
ProjectBiomimetically Inspired Nano-photonics20062009
ProjectPlanar Waveguide Design for On Chip Nonlinear Optical Devices20062009
ProjectPlanar Waveguide Design for On Chip Nonlinear Optical Devices20062010
ProjectAdaptive Energy-Aware Sensor Networks20062009
ProjectInvestigation into low noise Phase Locked Loops20062009
ProjectOSCA: On-Screen Communication Access2006
ProjectStatistical Multi-Lingual Analysis for Retrieval and Translation (SMART)20062009
ProjectMultiple Speaker Real Time Synchronised Captioning2006
ProjectModelling and Parameter Estimation of High Voltage Transformers for Partial Discharge Detection and Identification20062010
ProjectModelling of surface discharges20062010
ProjectRF-based time-of-flight locationing system2006
ProjectWireless Sensor Networks for Localised Maritime Monitoring2006
ProjectUnobtrusive Welfare Monitoring System2006
ProjectRF time-of-flight ranging for WSNs2006
ProjectLarge-Scale Clustering Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks2006
ProjectRF-Based Time-of-Flight Locationing System2006
ProjectSpectrum Monitor for Cognitive Radio20062009
ProjectCLAReT: Contextualised Learning Activity Repository Tools20062007
ProjectmPLAT: Mobile Placement Learning and Assessment Toolkit20062009
ProjectSANY - Sensors Anywhere20062009
ProjectHyperion: Self-Organising Multi-Agent Systems20062009
ProjectMIMEX: Multivariant Information Management and Exploitation20062009
ProjectSEMIOTIKS: Semantically-Enhanced Information Extraction for Improved Knowledge Superiority20062009
ProjectReal Time Synchronised Caption Annotation2006
ProjectGe catalytic growth of Carbon Nanotubes20062010
ProjectSouthern Perspectives: Review of ICS Education Agenda in the South of England2006
ProjectVERTIGO - Verification and Validation of Embedded System Design Workbench20062008
ProjectTAGora - Semiotic Dynamics in Online Communities20062009
ProjectITA: International Technology Alliance in Network and Information Sciences20062011
ProjectInternational Technology Alliance in Network and Information Sciences20062016
ProjectOMII-Europe Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute for Europe20062009
ProjectHigh Performance and Robust Systems20062009
ProjectSupergen V: Amperes: Infrastructure for reducing environmental impact20062009
ProjectMURLLO - Management, Use and Re-purposing of Language Learning Objects20062007
ProjectDesign and optimisation of the high temperature superconducting generator with a coreless rotor20062009
ProjectRendering and Response processing services for QTIv2 questions20062006
ProjectSemantic Media – Pervasive Annotation for e-Research20062008
ProjectTransitioning Applications to Ontologies20062009
ProjectRendering and Response processing services for QTIv2 questions.20062006
ProjectPersonnel Monitoring in Industrial Environments using WSNs2006
ProjectTowards a Modular Approach to Model-Based Verification: logical, semantical and algorithmic support20062008
ProjectThe Ultimate Soft Glass Extrusion Machine20062007
ProjectART : Agent Reputation Testbed Competition20062008
ProjectSpatially Embedded Complex Systems Engineering20062009
ProjectRobocup Rescue20062010
ProjectAmorphous Computing, Random Graphs and Complex Biological Systems20062010
ProjectReSIST: Resilience for Survivability in IST20062008
ProjectJANET QOS Phase 220052007
ProjectDielectrophoretic Separation of Particles20052009
ProjectNi/Ge Schottky barriers for nanoelectronic applications20052010
ProjectALADDIN: Autonomous Learning Agents for Decentralised Data and Information Networks20052011
ProjectInfluence of 2D chirality on the transmission and diffraction from asymmetric dielectric gratings2005
ProjectFEAR - Finite Element Analysis for cable Ratings20052012
ProjectReal Time Synchronised Caption Editing2005
ProjectSingle cell manipulation with dielectrophoresis20052009
ProjectIPAS: Integrated Products and Services20052008
ProjectA Structured Hardware/Software Architecture for Sensor Nodes2005
ProjectEnergy-Harvesting Sensor Nodes2005
ProjectMaestro - A Collaborative Semantic Grid for Music20052010
ProjectInstitutional Repository Research Assessment20052006
ProjectInteroperable Repository Statistics20052007
ProjectRepository for the Laboratory20052007
ProjectPolar/non-polar Polymer Blends: On structural evolution and the electrical properties of PE and EVA blends20052008
ProjectEffect of nucleating agent on a polyethylene blend20052008
ProjectSensor networks for glaciers: Glacsweb2005
ProjectFREMA: e-Learning Framework Reference Model for Assessment20052006
ProjectSchottky barriers for spin injection20052010
ProjectIterative learning control for re-education of upper limb20052008
ProjectFREMA: Framework Reference Model for Assessment20052006
ProjectFREMA: Framework Reference Model for Assessment20052006
ProjectmSpace Mobile: exploratory search in the palm of your hand20052010
ProjectMeeting Memory Technologies Informing Collaboration20052006
Project3D AC-electroosmotic micropump using C-MEMS20052009
ProjectCaptioning Personal Display Client/Server2005
ProjectMagnetic Nanostructures20052014
ProjectMarket-Based Control of Complex Computational Systems20052009
ProjectGrimoires: Grid RegIstry with Metadata Oriented Interface: Robustness, Efficiency, Security20042005
ProjectCollaborative Orthopaedic Research Environment20042006
ProjectCROSI - Capturing, Representing, and Operationalising Semantic Integration20042005
ProjectDynamic Service Composition20042008
ProjectmyTea: Best Practice in eScience20042005
ProjectSurface Discharge in the Inter-phase barrier region of large Transformers20042012
ProjectKernel methods for molecular data20042007
ProjectPartial Discharge Discrimination20042009
ProjectPlasmonic enhancement of silicon solar cells20042010
ProjectECS 2020 Vision2004
ProjectSimulating and Modelling Wireless Sensor Networks2004
ProjectCryptographic Synthesis20042007
ProjectEnergy- and Information-Management in Wireless Sensor Networks2004
ProjectPolyethylene / Montmorillonite Nanocomposites20042009
ProjectBiomimetic Nanostructured Surfaces for Antireflection in Photovoltaics2004
ProjectRigorous Open Development Environment for Complex Systems (RODIN)20042007
ProjectEU Provenance: Enabling and Supporting Provenance in Grids for Complex Problems20042006
ProjectLICHEN: Location Independent Collaboration in Higher Education Networks20042004
ProjectSilicon Photovoltaics20042008
ProjectTowards plasmonics: active control of surface plasmon-polariton waves20042006
ProjectAn Electrically Driven Solid State 8-14um Band Modulator2004
ProjectVirtual Organisations for E-Science20042007
ProjectEuropean Learning Grid Infrastructure (ELeGI)20042008
ProjectDevelopment and Application of String Type Kernels20042006
ProjectPASOA: Provenance-Aware Service-Oriented Architecture20042007
ProjectCommunities of Collocation20042007
ProjectVibration Energy Scavenging20042007
ProjectHigh-k Dielectrics20042005
ProjectOpen Middleware Infrastructure Institute20042010
ProjectAKTiveSA: Knowledge-Intensive Fusion for Improved Situation Awareness20042006
ProjectAgentLink III: A Co-ordination Network for Agent-Based Computing20042005
ProjectIntegrating Renewable Energy Sources into a Domestic Environment20032006
ProjectLow temperature seeded crystallization of amorphous Si for transistor-in-Grain technology20032007
ProjectAgent-Based Control of Decentralised Systems20032006
ProjectCONOISE-G: Virtual Organisations and the Grid20032006
ProjectLow temperature seeded crystallization of amorphous Si for transistor-in-Grain technology20032007
ProjectDTC - Biometric Data Fusion for Secure Environments20032006
ProjectSemantic Firewall20032006
ProjectANS: Autonomic Networked System Management Tool for Ubicomp in the Home20032005
ProjectmSpace - improving access to information for building new knowledge20032010
ProjectSensor Web for the study of Glaciers20032005
ProjectARGUS II: Decentralised Data Fusion20032008
ProjectDigital Libraries in Support of Innovative Approaches to Learning and Teaching in Geography20032008
ProjectTrusted Software Agents and Services2003
ProjectThick-film sensors for prosthetic hands20032005
ProjectMetal Oxide Tunnel Transistor20032006
ProjectVertical MOSFET's20032011
ProjectMAST - Multicast Audio Streaming Toolkit20022007
ProjectContinuous Online PD Monitoring for HV Cables20022005
ProjectWiCK: Writing in the Context of Knowledge20022004
ProjectSensor probes for glaciology20022004
ProjectOptimisation methods for machine learning20022005
ProjectThe Information Exchange20022005
ProjectADAPT: Adaptivity and adaptability in ODL based on ICT.20022004
ProjectOptical manifestations of planar chirality20022005
ProjectMIAKT: Medical Imaging and Advanced Knowledge Technologies20022005
ProjectSubmicron fabrication of biomolecular patterns using optical methods20022008
ProjectSOWN: The Southampton Open Wireless Network2002
ProjectTechnologies for On-line Interoperable Assessment20022004
ProjectDelimiting kernel-based learning methods20022004
ProjectCoAKTinG: Collaborative Advanced Knowledge Technologies in the Grid20022004
ProjectResonant Microsensor Modules for Measurement of Physical Quantities (REMISE)20022005
ProjectLearning for Adaptable Visual Assistants20022005
ProjectElectrostatic ignition hazards in mining processes20022002
ProjectVirtual Orthopaedic European University20022003
ProjectMarket-Based Recommender Systems20022005
ProjectParadigm Unifying System Specification Environments for proven Electronic design20022003
ProjectIterative Learning Control of Multi-axis Systems20012004
ProjectThick-film magnetostrictive actuators for MEMS20012004
ProjectElectrostatic Charging of Insulators20012002
ProjectANNA: Acquisition for Networks of Negotiating Agents20012003
ProjectSiGe quantum well infrared photodetectors2001
ProjectSiGeC HBTs on insulator for rf communications20012004
ProjectLateral SiGe HBTs20012007
ProjectThick-film piezoelectrics for MEMS: Optimisation and Applications20012006
ProjectWIRE-less monitorinG Online of straiN and temperaturE (WIRGONE)20012004
ProjectSilicon thin film solar cells20012010
ProjectMicrofabrication and micro- fluidic technology for Marine Science20012001
ProjectManagement Reporting System20012001
ProjectMOHICAN: MObile Handsets In Cooperative Agents Network20012005
ProjectMulti-modal and self-cleaning instrumentation for the oil and gas industry using thick-film materials20012003
ProjectTrading Agent Competition20012008
ProjectA Practical Assessment of ILC Control Stategies20012004
ProjectEU IPv6 Task Force20012002
ProjectMagnitude: Mobile AGents Negotiating for ITinerant Users in the Distributed20012004
ProjectMobileVCE: Software Agents for Future Mobile Communication Environments20012005
ProjectMicromachined ultrasonic filter with thick-film piezoelectric drive for microfluidic applications20012004
ProjectUse of Electrostatic Techniques to Identify, Sort & Recycle Mixed Waste20012002
ProjectA comparison between output feedback control designs20012004
ProjectConnecting a Home Network to the Internet2001
ProjectOn-line Condition Monitoring of HV Cables20012004
ProjectFEEL: Non-intrusive services to support focused, efficient and enjoyable local activities20012003
ProjectPenetrant Diffusion in Dielectrics20012003
ProjectMonolithic Active Pixel Arrays20012006
ProjectThree-dimensional space charge distribution measurement in dielectrics20012001
ProjectCoalition Formation Algorithms for Virtual Organisations20012003
ProjectAutomatic Gait Recognition20002002
ProjectBermuda 220002002
ProjectMechanical Deformation of Dielectrics20002003
ProjectRecovery Voltage Modelling of Transformer Insulation20002003
ProjectAKT: Advanced Knowledge Technologies20002006
ProjectAspects of Knowledge Mangement within Industry20002003
ProjectOn Line Detection of Partial Discharge Activity in HV Cables and Accessories Using Directional Coupling Techniques20002003
ProjectEffect of LN2 Bubble Dynamics on Insulation Performance of High Temperature Superconducting Power Apparatus20002003
ProjectDesign, build and test a high temperature superconducting demonstration synchronous generator20002004
ProjectInfrastructures for Agent-Based Systems20002003
ProjectSiGe Heterojunctions for MOS Technologies (HMOS)20002003
ProjectInfinite State Model Checking using Partial Evaluation20002002
ProjectAgentLink II: Continuation of a Network of Excellence for Agent-Based Computing20002003
ProjectAgentLink II20002003
ProjectMailScanner: E-Mail Gateway Virus+Spam Scanner20002002
ProjectEPrints: Open repository software2000
ProjectSilicon Germanium MOS (SIGMOS)20002003
Projecte3an - Electrical and Electronic Engineering Assessment Network20002003
ProjectMethodologies and Technologies for Industrial Strength Systems Engineering20002002
ProjectHigh-Integrity Component-Based Engineering for Enterprise Systems20002002
ProjectRICES Reasoning about Information Consistency across Enterprise Solutions20002004
ProjectThe investigation of eddy currents and distributions in pulsed power circuits20002001
ProjectAutomated Validation of Business Critical Systems with Component Based Designs20002003
ProjectHystream: Applying Open Hypermedia to Multimedia Streams20002002
ProjectGEANT IPv6 Working Group20002003
ProjectFerroelectric composite sol-gel fabrication20002003
ProjectHua Miao Archive20002003
ProjectKnowledge Capture, Sharing and Reuse in the Design Process20002003
ProjectTeam-Oriented Problem Solving in a Battlefield Simulation19992001
ProjectSimultaneous Space Charge and Current Measurements in Polyethylene Insulation under HVDC Conditions19992002
ProjectHydrological Effects and the Avoidance of Thermal Runaway19992002
ProjectLiberated Learning Consortium1999
ProjectOpCit: The Open Citation Project19992002
ProjectCOHSE: Informed WWW Link Navigation Using Ontologies19992001
ProjectStatistical Learning Algorithms for Intelligent Knowledge Discovery19992001
ProjectA Performance Theory for Robust Adaptive Control19992004
ProjectQuIC: Queries in Context19992001
ProjectBrokerage in an Information Economy19992000
ProjectCogPrints: Cognitive Sciences EPrint Archive19992000
ProjectTuring Archive Project19992000
ProjectLinkMe: Distributed Link Services for Mobile Environments19992002
ProjectPractical Negotiation for Electronic Commerce19982001
ProjectControl of a multifingered adaptive end effector19972001
ProjectComparison of AC and DC Space Charge19972001
ProjectPartial discharge detection in cable systems19972000
ProjectChurchill Archive Project19972002
ProjectAIMS: Academic Information Management Systems19971999
ProjectFIRM: Factory Information Resource Management19971999
ProjectIPv6 Testbed19962016
ProjectMavis: Multimedia Thesaurus and Intelligent Agent support for content based retrieval19961999
ProjectAlgebraic and Behavioural Systems Theory1995
ProjectMalibu - Hybrid Libraries19951999
ProjectOpen Journal Project19951998
ProjectPerspectives in Electronic Publishing1994
ProjectVIPS - vasari image processing library1989

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