The University of Southampton

Research Groups and Centres

One of the keynotes of our success has been the constant evolution of research in response to opportunities created by new technology and new methods.

Our world-leading research groups and centres enable us to combine research expertise across ECS and the University:

Agents, Interaction and Complexity

AIC is engaged in world‐leading research into the science and engineering of complex socio‐technical, socio‐economic and socio‐ecological systems that underpin the greatest challenges facing society

Biomedical Electronics

Investigating cutting edge technology in a highly multi-disciplinary environment, the Biomedical Electronics Research Group is researching, developing and teaching the next generation of healthcare and bio-related technologies.

Centre for Flexible Electronics and E-Textiles

The Centre draws together expertise working on flexible, stretchable functional materials for electronic systems. Applications include printed electronics, sensors, energy harvesting and wearable smart textiles.

Cyber Physical Systems

CPS undertakes research across Electronics and Computer Science that involves the exploration and development of theoretical foundations, modelling and programming languages, engineering methods, design tools and system engineering applications.

Cyber Security

The University of Southampton has a leading role in cyber security research and education and this research group brings together expertise and excellence in this field.

Electrical Power Engineering

Our expertise and research ranges from nanoscale insulation materials and plasma, through to electrical power systems and sustainable energy generation, and from nanometres to megavolts.

Health Technologies

We facilitate the activities of research groups working in e-health, healthcare technologies, wellbeing and rehabilitation. Efficient communication links between academics and clinical professionals help solve challenging clinical problems.

Internet of Things and Pervasive Systems

The Centre for Internet of Things and Pervasive Systems brings together researchers in a spectrum of topics cutting across the full IoT system stack, from underpinning semiconductor and sensor devices, through to machine intelligence and data science.

Machine Intelligence

The Centre for Machine Intelligence is a platform aiming to deliver the impact of machine intelligence to society. It brings together researchers and practitioners in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Autonomous Systems.

Next Generation Wireless

Mobile multimedia communications have become part of everyday life right across the globe. However, the provision of flawless ‘tele-presence’ services requires a further quantum leap in research if we are to move forward.

Smart Electronic Materials and Systems

The Smart Electronic Materials and Systems research group is actively researching systems and materials for sensing industrial, environmental or biological parameters.

Sustainable Electronic Technologies

The Sustainable Electronic Technologies group leads research and education activities covering a broad range of topics on nanotechnology, electronics and electrical engineering.

The IT Innovation Centre

The IT Innovation Centre is a hub for research activity that strives to improve our understanding of information technologies and how they can be optimised in industry and commerce.

Vision, Learning and Control

Vision, Learning and Control (VLC) is a highly numerate group within ECS covering much of the central theory in Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Web and Internet Science

WAIS brings together an interdisciplinary team of people who research the Internet, the Web and large scale systems that combine computational, data and human components.