The University of Southampton

An Investigation into the Next Generation of Ultra High Voltage, High Power Density, DC Power Supplies

High Voltage Engineering
EPSRC, QinetiQ

This project is concerned with researching potential technologies for, and the development of a prototype design for, a DC power supply capable of producing 2MW at 1MV with low voltage ripple. Because of the hazardous (potentially fatal) nature of a fault, such as a short circuit, which may appear in a device with a large amount of stored energy, there is an additional requirement that the design should store as little energy as possible. In addition to this, the device should be as small as possible, necessitating a high power density, and should be powered by a standard three phase mains outlet. Finally, it has been requested that SF6 is not used in the design. In order to meet these requirements, this project will need to include an extensive investigation into existing power supply technologies. Followed by a detailed study into each of them, consisting of simulations and experiments, to determine their suitability for a supply that meets the afore mentioned specifications. The project will also look into suitable materials for the construction of such a supply.

Primary investigators

Secondary investigator

  • Russell Frost

Associated research group

  • Electronics and Computer Science
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