The University of Southampton

Design and initial testing of a sample cell for the upcoming dielectric analyser SPECTANO 100

Test cell design
Nanomaterials and Dielectrics, Solid dielectrics
Omicron Lab

The aim of this project is to design and evaluate the performance of a prototype test-cell for dielectric spectroscopy of materials. The test-cell has a novel design featuring replaceable PCB electrodes. This helps to reduce manufacturing costs and makes single use viable (for example to enable measurements of epoxy during curing). It also makes it possible to offer alternative electrode sets, for example, PCB electrodes of different size, with enhanced dielectric response or with higher temperature capability. A range of calibration spacers and a force sensor are also under development as potential accessories. Although still in the prototype stage; several of these test-cells have already been sold.

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  • Electronics and Computer Science
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