The University of Southampton

Silicon Germanium MOS (SIGMOS)

Silicon Electronic Devices
European Commission

Elevated Source/ Drain MOSFET Devices.

As MOS devices are scaled into the sub 70nm region, traditional source/drain engineering techniques can no longer suppress short channel effects while at the same time achieving low access resistances.

The elevated source/drain structure, created by growing selective epitaxial silicon in the source and drain regions, is a device concept that has been shown to lower access resistances while at the same time improving short channel performance.

The aim of this theme of the Euraccess project is to fabricate novel ESD MOSFETs with silicon germanium elevated source / drain structures both by growth of epitaxial silicon germanium and the synthesis of silicon germanium by Ge implantation into selective epitaxial silicon.

Primary investigators

  • agre
  • amw


  • LETI, France
  • University of Surrey, UK
  • University of Liverpool, UK
  • Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden
  • IEF, France
  • Chalmers University, Sweden

Associated research group

  • Nano Research Group
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