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Resonant Microsensor Modules for Measurement of Physical Quantities (REMISE)

Sensor Technology
EPSRC (GR/R52626/01)

Current industrial measuring systems based on strain-gauge technology (wire, foil and thin-film devices) suffer from various problems, such as low amplitude intensity signal levels, hysteresis and creep. The purpose of the proposed research is to combine the experiences and academic strengths of two well-established research teams at Brunel and Southampton Universities to provide a practical basis for an alternative generic technology employing small mechanical frequency-based stress gauges which can become available to a wide range of industrial manufacturers and users. Novel robust resonant microsensor modules will be developed based upon miniature triple beam tuning fork structures and fabricated both in steel and on silicon. Excitation and detection will utilise screen-printed PZT thick-inks. Suitable resonator packaging (mechanical/electrical interfaces and integration) will be developed. With the active support of the industrial collaborators (6 SME manufacturers and 7 industrial users), 4 demonstrators will be used to evaluate the application of the microsensor modules: (i) pressure sensor; (ii) continuous torque sensor; (iii) load cell; (iv) wireless stress gauge. The initial demonstrators will employ the small metallic resonators fabricated using etching methods and spot welding, while subsequent demonstrators will employ the miniature silicon resonators fabricated using silicon micromachining.

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