The University of Southampton

WiCK: Writing in the Context of Knowledge

Web Science, Knowledge Technologies
EPSRC (GR/R91021/01)

Organisations have invested considerable resources in developing intranets that attempt to capture aspects of �corporate knowledge�. When writing new documents, trying to find and reuse the intrinsic knowledge held in other documents amongst an ever-rising mountain of documentation, is at best impractical. The aim of this project is therefore, to produce a novel writing tool, which is underpinned by an enhanced knowledge structure and hypermedia design model. As a result we aim to help authors improve the coherence and consistency of documents they are creating by helping to assimilate key knowledge in each new document.

Primary investigators

Secondary investigators

Associated research groups

  • Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia Group
  • Learning Societies Lab
  • Electronic and Software Systems
  • Web and Internet Science
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