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Perspectives in Electronic Publishing

Web Science, Digital Libraries

Perspectives In Electronic Publishing is a new model electronic publication, perhaps best described as a journal-centred portal, with enhancements for exploring selected full-text papers on a focussed topic - in this case, on electronic publishing. The idea was to create an interconnected 'journal' that allows users to explore individual lines of enquiry more efficiently. In this case the journal frames a user-centric information environment, where selected documents can be distributed and accessed anywhere on the Web. Editorially-added links act as the binding between the resources selected for inclusion, and the selection and commentary on documents exercise the journal’s editorial ‘voice’. A ‘journal’ based on this model was built and subjected to extensive evaluation by a targetted specialist group. The evaluation provided strong reactions both for and against the model, revealing some of the challenges that radical new electronic journal models face if the structure of the traditional printed journal is to be displaced in favour of journals that can properly exploit the prospect of fully interconnected and accessible networked distribution.

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  • Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia Group
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