The University of Southampton

AgentLink II: Continuation of a Network of Excellence for Agent-Based Computing

Agent Based Computing
EU (IST 1999-29003)

The long term objective of AgentLink II is to put Europe at the leading edge of international competitiveness in the area of agent-based computing. The medium term goals of AgentLink II are:

  • to gain competitive advantage for European industry by promoting and raising awareness of agent systems technology;
  • to facilitate improvement in the standard, profile, and industrial relevance of European research in the area of agent-based computer systems;
  • to promote excellence of teaching and training in the area of agent-based systems;
  • to provide a widely known, high quality European forum in which current issues, problems, and solutions in the research and development of agent-based computer systems may be debated and resolved.

Primary investigator

  • mml

Associated research group

  • Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia Group
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