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CoAKTinG: Collaborative Advanced Knowledge Technologies in the Grid

e-Science, Grid and Distributed Computing, Knowledge Technologies
EPSRC (GR/N15764/01)

CoAKTinG (Collaborative Advanced Knowledge Technologies in the Grid) is a project that started in June 2002 and runs for 24 months. It is funded by the UK e-Science Programme.

The Objective is to advance the state of the art in collaborative mediated spaces for distributed e-Science collaboration through the novel application of advanced knowledge technologies such as:

  • Ontologies to enhance multi-modal and multi-media time phased group discussions and problem solving

  • Knowledge-based planning and task support to enhance issue-based process/activity discussions

  • Scholarly discourse and argumentation to enhance collaborative meeting structures

  • Presence and visualisation to enhance group peripheral awareness at a distance

Primary investigators

Secondary investigators

  • Danius Michaelides
  • Jessica Chen-Burger
  • Michelle Bachler
  • Stephen Potter
  • Jiri Komzak
  • krp
  • njh
  • rmb00r
  • bpj00r
  • John Domingue
  • Enrico Motta
  • Jeff Dalto
  • John Levine
  • Jussi Stader
  • Natasha Lino
  • Clauirton Siebra


  • KMi, Open University
  • AIAI, University of Edinburgh

Associated research group

  • Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia Group
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