The University of Southampton

Optical manifestations of planar chirality

Silicon Based Photonics, Materials & Technology
EPSRC (GR/S00958/01)

Recently a new group of layered planar and quasi-planar metamaterials has emerged which promise unique electromagnetic properties. Layered metallic microstructures could play a special role in future technology, as they can be manufactured on a sub-optical wavelength scale and can be fabricated using established microelectronics technologies. We have begun a predominantly experimental study of planar and quasi-planar metallic microstructures, a new generation of metamaterials for optical applications. We will concentrate on various chiral planar metamaterials fabricated on the optical wavelength scale.

Primary investigators

Secondary investigators

  • ap011r
  • wz02r
  • qm03r


  • School of Physics

Associated research groups

  • Nano Research Group
  • Quantum Technology Centre
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