The University of Southampton

Virtual Organisations for E-Science

Grid and Distributed Computing, Agent Based Computing, E-Business Technologies

This project seeks to carry out the fundamental computer science research that is necessary to support the entire virtual organisation (VO) lifecycles as it exists for the e-science.

This involves dealing with the following main challenges:

  • Composing services in order to achieve a particular objective;
  • Recruiting an appropriate set of agents to meet service specifications;
  • Assigning individual duties to the constituent agents;
  • Monitoring the performance of the VO;
  • Reconfiguring the VO in face of changing circumstances.

As our solution, we adopt a service-oriented view of e-Science applications in which the individual computational entities are agents. These agents offer a variety of services to one another and the agents negotiate with one another to determine the terms and conditions under which they can gain access to the services. These inter-related services form a VO. An agent can participate in one or more VOs by sharing some or all of its resources.

The underpinning technologies that assemble, manage, monitor and adjust the VO can be generic. In particular, we have focused on the issue of coalition formation and used this as the basis for forming effective VOs.

Primary investigators

Secondary investigators

  • tr
  • imp04r
  • gc2
  • Minghua He


  • University of Liverpool

Associated research group

  • Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia Group
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