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Pervasive Computing and Networks, Grid and Distributed Computing, Agent Based Computing

The FloodNet project centres upon the development of providing a pervasive, continuous, embedded monitoring presence. By processing and synthesizing collected information over a river and functional floodplain, FloodNet obtains an environmental self-awareness and resilience to ensure robust transmission of data in adverse conditions and environments. This new class of environmental monitoring will greatly enhance the data quality and density that is available to decision makers, and transform the way environments are explored, monitored and controlled.

FloodNet provides a dynamic infrastructure for sensors. It allows for the spatio-temporal understanding of an environment through coordinated efforts between it's sensor nodes, which are fixed at specific points within a river or floodplain. Each sensor communicates wirelessly within its local network, thus distributing information about its environment, and thus providing a self aware, intelligent sensor network. The intelligent routing element of the system will provide the basis by which the system will be data transmission aware and robust.

Primary investigators

Secondary investigators


  • ABP Marine Environmental Research Ltd
  • Halcrow Ltd
  • IBM
  • MAC Ltd

Associated research groups

  • Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia Group
  • Grid and Pervasive Computing Group
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