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Agent Based Computing, Pervasive Computing and Networks, Human Computer Interaction

Within a ubiquitous environment, market-based approaches can be used to select the most appropriate material for a public display, depending on factors such as the audience's preferences and diversity of interest. Likewise, strategies used by agents to compete for customer attention should strive to be rational, based on contextual observations of user-preferences within the local environment, and should include a reward mechanism based on audience responses. Ubiquitous devices such as bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, can be used to uniquely identify and detect the presence of individuals within a localised environment, without the need for deploying bespoke hardware. BluScreen, developed by Dr Terry R. Payne at the University of Southampton, is an auction-based framework for presenting consumer advertisements is described, whereby agents (representing consumer advertisements) can compete for consumer attention, where consumer interest is determined through observations of ambient bluetooth activity.

Slides presented at the European Conference of AI, Aug 2006

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Primary investigators

Secondary investigators

  • Matt Sharifi
  • Etty David
  • Heather Packer

Associated research groups

  • Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia Group
  • Grid and Pervasive Computing Group
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