The University of Southampton

Rendering and Response processing services for QTIv2 questions.

ELearning, Platforms and Tools, Web Science, Decentralised Information Systems

In the recent JISC/CETIS conference it was recommended that the community needed to ‘kick start’ the use of the IMS Question and Test Interoperability version 2.0 specifications. At this meeting it was felt that in order to achieve this there needed to be a robust set of tools and services that conformed to the QTIv2 specification. The R2Q2 project will concentrate on refactoring the QTI Specification to provide a service that moves towards a reliable and definitive QTI v2 render & response processing engine.

Primary investigators

Secondary investigator


  • Hull University

Associated research groups

  • Electronic and Software Systems
  • Learning Societies Lab
  • Web and Internet Science
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