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Assessment, ELearning, Platforms and Tools, Educational Enhancement

This short assessment project is a collaboration between Cambridge, Southampton, the Scottish Qualifications Agency. It is taking an existing prototype, to develop the Minibix item banking system to meet JISC's requirements for a QTI v2-based item banking system capable of supporting both high-stakes private item banks and low-stakes item banks for sharing questions suitable for formative assessment.

The development work will be carried out by Cambridge in CARET during the first phase of the project (March 2007 to September 2007). The project will draw on additional use cases supplied by the SQA for private banks and Southampton University for public banks (drawing on experience with e3an). During the second phase (October 2007 to March 2008) the team at Southampton will carry out a case study of the use of Minibix for e3an and CARET will document their experiences in using the item bank to support TSA.

The resulting system will be available as an open source demonstrator with documentation enabling further development by the JISC community and beyond. The project will document and demonstrate a set of services suitable for the integration of item banking systems with authoring and delivery systems (in collaboration with the companion projects in the JISC programme).

Primary investigator

  • Steve Lay, University of Cambridge

Secondary investigators

Associated research group

  • Learning Societies Lab
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