The University of Southampton

MURLLO - Management, Use and Re-purposing of Language Learning Objects

ELearning, Platforms and Tools, Learning Technologies, Reusable Learning Objects
Eduserv Foundation

The MURLLO project will address some key issues that have been identified (see the eLanguages L20 project) as critical success factors for effectively managing, using and re-purposing re-usable learning objects (RLOs):

  • The need to add context-rich metadata to assist in resource discovery and material selection
  • The need for streamlining the processes involved in the selection, export and licensing of resources
  • The ease by which resources can be re-used or their ability to be re-purposed

MURLLO will test models for collecting context-rich metadata, for IPR management of online resources and for identifying suitable business models for licensing content. These will inform the development and testing of 'open source' tools. Innovative development will allow practitioners to use a Wiki-type tool for editing and storing revised content and an 'online shopping trolley'-type tool for selection and export of collections of RLOs.

Primary investigators


  • e-languages at Southampton

Associated research group

  • Learning Societies Lab
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