The University of Southampton

RichTags: Supporting Better Exploration of Digital Repositories with Semantic Social Tagging

Human Computer Interaction, Interaction

Category search within digital repositories is poorly supported. This means that people wishing to access the assets of digital repositories are largely limited to keyword search, which means they must know what they want in order to look for it. Our participant studies of digital repositories use have shown that, when restricted to keyword search, it is perceived as often easier to use a search engine like Google rather than keyword search on a local repository, even if this is to find a local artefact. An advantage that local repositories currently have over massive search services, however, which is not being leveraged, is local or community-based knowledge. This knowledge of context, such as who works with whom; how one project "Over Here" relates to another project "Over There." In this proposal we plan to investigate how cross-repository browsing/exploration can be assisted via social, semantic tagging mechanisms, and to deliver a test framework and web services both to investigate the use of and to deploy services for such meaningful mechanisms.

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