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The Winston Churchill archive consists of over a million documents, ranging from handwritten letters to typed political documents. The digitisation of the archive presents a number of problems which this project aims to tackle using multimedia and hypermedia tools and technologies.

Some of the issues dealt with by this research project include :-

  • Providing a user friendly interface to a large information repository. Design of adapatable user interfaces to cater for a wide variety of user needs and abilities.
  • Storage mechanisms for large multimedia archives.
  • Integration of database search engines to promote fast retrieval.
  • Integration of hypermedia navigation to improve browsing within the archive.
  • Development and use of content based information retrieval tools on both text and non-text based media.
  • Presentation of facsimile images in formats suitable for a variety of end uses.
  • Scanning and digitisation technologies.

Primary investigator

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  • Thompson Publishing

Associated research group

  • Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia Group
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