The University of Southampton

Customization and Adaptation of Automatically Generated Code

Dependable Systems, Software Engineering

The goal of this project is to solve the problem of systematically and reliably modifying source code that has automatically been generated from high-level models. This problem is common in model-based software development because the output of a generator is typically different from the actual requirements for code deployment. Research questions include:

  • How can we build code generators that support the customization of generated code, without the need to manually change either the code generator or the generated code?
  • How can we integrate generated code, either as whole or in fragments, with custom application code written in a common high-level programming language
  • How can we guarantee that the integration is correct or at least safe? What sort of assurance can we achieve?

Primary investigator

Secondary investigator

  • gre


Associated research group

  • Dependable Systems & Software Engineering
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