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The JISC Preserv2 project is investigating and developing digital preservation and interoperability services for repositories, to help repository managers plan for longer-term data management. It is developing the work begun in the first phase of the Preserv project.

The approach recognises that effective preservation is founded on three fundamental actions to data: copy, move, monitor. This includes movement of data between different repositories, and between online and open storage services. Monitoring involves the application of online knowledge tools to identify technical information about data objects, and based on that information to assess and calibrate the risks to accessing these objects, and decision-based tools to act on identified risks. Interoperability is designed to ensure that repositories, storage services and knowledge tools can communicate and share information and data. In this way the project is creating and testing a flexible framework for an emerging range of services and tools, to ensure support for long-term access to the data deposited in repositories.

From April 2009 the work will be extended to a series of exemplar repositories in a follow-on project, KeepIt.

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  • The National Archives
  • University of Oxford
  • The British Library

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  • Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia Group
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