The University of Southampton

IBWiki: A Semantic Wiki for the e-Framework Upper Level

Semantic Web, Knowledge Technologies, Interaction with Knowledge and semantics

The aim of the IBWiki project is to develop an initial public version of the Semantic Wiki part of the e-Framework Upper Level. The project will also work with a sister project (IBMap based at Manchester) developing the HILDA layer to ensure and plan future integration.

The projects objectives are to:

  • Create a robust Semantic Wiki framework capable of hosting the eFUL (based on Semantic MediaWiki and using appropriate extensions)
  • Create a public version with appropriate help files and navigation aids
  • Undertake usability testing with external stakeholders in the JISC community
  • Create exemplar content to begin the population of the Wiki
  • Primary investigator

    Secondary investigator

    Associated research group

    • Learning Societies Lab
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