The University of Southampton

Personnel Monitoring in Industrial Environments using WSNs

A prototype public display screen
Industrial Monitoring

Researchers are working on a sensor network that will be capable of monitoring people and machinery in the University's new 55M Pound interdisciplinary cleanroom. The main aims for the system are to increase publicity and awareness (by "opening up" the cleanroom to visitors and staff/students), increase productivity (by allowing users of the cleanroom to see which machines are in use before entering the cleanroom). A primary challenge of the project is the ability of the network to be energy-efficient, while still providing a reasonably up-to-date and accurate impression of its monitored environment.

In addition to increasing publicity and awareness, the project will also provide a WSN showcase and development platform, and also be able to assist in the administration of certain areas of cleanroom management (by monitoring machine and personnel usage).

Primary investigators

Secondary investigators

Associated research groups

  • Electronic Systems and Devices Group
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering
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