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Nanodielectrics: relationships between polar and non polar molecules

Nanomaterials and Dielectrics, Solid dielectrics

This research investigates how polar molecules can affect the behaviour of non polar polymer solids. In the recent years, there has been growing interest in nanocomposites based on a polymer matrix. However, the introduction of polar nanoparticles may involve a penalty in terms of dielectric material properties. By designing a polyethylene matrix with polar molecules we are able to control a series of factors like: microstructures, nucleation density and phase behaviour. Studies have shown the influence of morphology on the dielectric proprieties of polymers.

This project involves a study of polyethylene with different types of polar molecules. We are investigating the effect of small and macro polar molecules. A further investigation looks at the effect of nanoclay dispersed in ethylene vinyl acetate and subsequently nanocomposites based on PE/EVA and nanoclay.

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  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering
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