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Energy- and Information-Management in Wireless Sensor Networks

Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks

The development of wireless sensor networks presents extensive research challenges in retaining a "reasonable" network lifetime under constraints imposed by the limited energy reserves inherent in small, locally powered embedded nodes. This research addresses these challenges through the development and validation of IDEALS/RMR - an application independent, localised system to control and manage the degradation of a network through the novel combination of information management (assessed through RMR) and energy management (controlled by IDEALS) - a union which increases the network lifetime at the expense of discarding often trivial data. To evaluate these algorithms, a simulator (WSNsim), was developed to enable high level network and performance analysis. Results show that IDEALS/RMR can provide controlled network degradation under load conditions.

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  • Electronic Systems and Devices Group
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering
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