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Sensor networks for glaciers: Glacsweb

Glacsweb base station - with Rob at work
Wireless Sensing and Sensor Networks, Pervasive Computing and Networks, Environmental Monitoring

The Glacsweb designed a sensor network to monitor glaciers - including producing new hardware (node) designs, new radio communication network protocols and robust control and telemetry. It deployed systems in Norway and Iceland which produced continuous data previously unseen by glaciologists. The interdisciplinary research involved computer science, electronics, mechanical engineering, glaciology and GIS.

Primary investigators

Secondary investigators

  • pjb08r
  • le1d10
  • cp1506
  • Jeffrey Gough
  • ddj07r
  • Alexander Clayton

Associated research groups

  • Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia Group
  • Pervasive Systems Centre
  • Web and Internet Science
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