The University of Southampton

Nickel Palladium alloy contacts for Carbon nanotube Spintronics


Electrodeposition is investigated as a technique for fabricating Nickel Palladium alloy contacts for carbon nanotube spintronic applications. Palladium forms good quality, reliable contacts with carbon nanotubes and the addition of Nickel to the alloy may yield high quality contacts capable of injecting spin into carbon nanotubes. The Nickel Palladium alloy forms good quality Schottky barriers with a 1-2 resistivity Silicon wafer and the variation of alloy composition with different electrolytic solutions and variation of magnetisation with the Nickel percentage in the alloy is being studied. This project will also examine techniques to align Carbon nanotubes with patterned electrodes, improve the yield of devices obtained by spin coating carbon nanotubes on Silicon and will illustrate the suitability of electrodeposition as a fabrication technique for carbon nanotube spintronic applications.

Primary investigator

  • Dr. C.H. de Groot

Secondary investigator

  • Ashwin R. Usgaocar

Associated research groups

  • Nano Research Group
  • Southampton Nanofabrication Centre
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