The University of Southampton

Hystream: Applying Open Hypermedia to Multimedia Streams

Pervasive Computing and Networks
EPSRC (GR/M84077/01)

The HyStream project addresses the application of open hypermedia to temporal media streams, which are set to become a significant part of the multimedia information space as exemplified by Internet telephony, radio and TV, and interactive TV. The models used have been applied successfully to stored multimedia documents, but little work has been done on streams. In the HyStream project, we consider streams in live and near-live scenarios. We address the link storage, transmission and resolution architecture for both point-to-point streams and multicast, and explore the quality of service issues associated with branching media.

We have also taken a longer-term view by considering connectionless networks, by addressing navigation in the context of a 'pervasive computing' environment. This is generic research towards a new open hypermedia model and we aim to provide formal models that will support further research.

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  • Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia Group
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