The University of Southampton

Knowledge Capture, Sharing and Reuse in the Design Process

Knowledge Technologies, Decentralised Information Systems, Agent Based Computing
EPSRC (GR/M83582/01)

A three year project comprising Rolls Royce and BAE Systems with researchers from 3 research groups. The goal of the research activities can be split into 3 phases each led by one of the groups. These can be summarised as

  1. (Sheffield) Understanding knowledge and information exchange. This is involving activites such as interviewing designers and performing in depth examination of case studies where designers have needed to reuse knowledge but struggled with the information at their disposal. The other main actitivity of this period is to survey the existing state of research into the areas covered in this project.
  2. (Cambridge) Developing theories. Theories and models will be developed about existing knowledge and information exchanges and about how they may be used in the future.
  3. (Southampton) Developing a prototype system for supporting designers incorporating the models developed during the previous 2 years. This system will be evaluated against the model and also by envisaging how it would have helped during the case studies already studied.

Primary investigator

Secondary investigators


  • Rolls Royce
  • BAE Systems
  • The Institute of Work Psychology - Sheffield University
  • The Engineering Design Centre - Cambridge University

Associated research group

  • Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia Group
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