The University of Southampton

Magnitude: Mobile AGents Negotiating for ITinerant Users in the Distributed

Agent Based Computing, Decentralised Information Systems, Pervasive Computing and Networks
EPSRC (GR/N35816/01), DERA

This project aims to design and build the infrastructure that makes customised information available to intermittently connected users. For that purpose, we will investigate the use of mobile agents as autonomous intermediaries between nomadic users and fixed infrastructure services. Application specific mobile agents, spawned from users' PDAs, will migrate to the infrastructure in order to autonomously undertake their task. These mobile agents will be used to provide users with the means to access and exchange information, in an ad-hoc and secure manner, while on the move. Multi-agent interaction protocols, such as negotiation and cooperation, will help preserve the security of the environment. Open hypermedia techniques, and in particular link services, will be investigated in order to deal with information management in this context; in particular, these techniques will be used to filter and present information according to the users' needs. Funded by EPSRC (under the DIM programme) and DERA.

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  • Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia Group
  • Agents, Interaction and Complexity
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