The University of Southampton

Market Blended Insight

Web Science, E-Business Technologies, Knowledge Technologies
DTI (TP/5/DAT/6/I/H0410D)

MBI is a project with a clear objective of making a significant performance improvement in UK business to business (B2B) marketing activities in the 5-7 year timeframe. The project plans to aggregate a broad range of business information, providing unparalleled insight into UK business activity and develop rich semantic search and navigation tools to allow any business to 'place their sales proposition in front of a prospective buyer' confident of the fact that the recipient has a propensity to buy.

Primary investigators

Secondary investigators

  • jd
  • ms8
  • lz
  • hsmi
  • br205r


  • ParcelForce Worldwide, 3M, pH Group
  • British Gas Business
  • AXA

Associated research group

  • Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia Group
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