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Technology Enhanced Learning, Interaction with Knowledge and semantics

The JISC Funded Faroes Project has been working to reinvent Teaching and Learning Repositories learning from the best practices of Web 2.0. They have successfully deployed an innovative repository called The Language Box that acts as a community repository for Language teachers. The Faroes team has discovered that more sophisticated profile pages give users a home within the repository, act as a focus for their work, and help them feel more ownership of the work that they deposit. This increases the visibility of the repository and encourages more deposits.

The allAboutMePrints project will build on the work of Faroes to make Sophisticated Profile pages available to any repository based on the EPrints Project. The project will:

  • Add Live Data features to the existing Faroes profile system – including download statistics and news about commentary and ratings
  • Develop a MePrints Profile Plugin that can be redeployed to other EPrints installations, whether they are teaching or research repositories
  • Develop a MePrints Profile Widget that users can include on their personal web spaces, and which will bring in information about their EPrints deposits allAboutMePrints will work alongside existing extensions such as IRStats and SNEEP, and its functionality will degrade gracefully if these are not present when it is deployed.

The Live Data features and widgets will be developed in collaboration with the existing Language Box community, and will be of deployed to the Language Box as well as being made available for installation in repositories in other institutions.

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  • Learning Societies Lab
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