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Development of a Low Acutation Voltage RF MEMS Switch

Measuring the S Parameter of the RF MEMS Switch.
MEMs and NEMs

Many investigations have been directed at reducing the operating actuation voltage of RF MEMS switches. One of the possible solutions is through the reduction of the mechanical spring constant of the switch design. The proposed RF MEMS switch design portrays the use of an armature without any mechanical suspension attached to the substrate, eliminating in this way the mechanical spring constant of the device, thus reducing the actuation voltage. The operating principle of the switch mainly lies on creating a net zero charge on the armature by applying opposite polarity voltages on either the top or bottom actuation electrodes.

Ultimate goal of the project is to develop a low voltage RF MEMS switch that can be easily interface to existing IC technology.

Primary investigators

Associated research groups

  • Nano Research Group
  • Southampton Nanofabrication Centre
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