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Micro-fabrication and Microfluidic Technology for Marine Micro-system

Microfluidics and Lab-on-a-chip

My main research area in interest on RMST project is ‘Micro-fluidic and Lab on a chip Technology’. I am concentrating on the research for the development of technologies involves fabrication of micro-structure (micro-electrodes) and micro-fluidic polymeric devices. In addition, I am also concentrating on technologies for hot embossing process (HE) on polymers (e.g. COC, COP, PMMA etc) for creating micro-fluid structure and aligned bonding techniques to seal micro-devices.High aspect ratio silicon (Si) mould master is fabricated with micro-fluidic structure using deep reactive ion etched technique (DRIE) to create Ni master using electro-form technique to emboss microfluidic structure on polemers.

Figure 1 shows a Si mould master with micro-fluidic structure. This mould is used for Ni electro-plating. Figure 2 shows a embossed micro-fluidic channel on zeonox 690R COC (Tg 136°C )using Ni stamp.

Primary investigators

  • Prof Hywel Morgan
  • Dr Matt Mowlem

Secondary investigator

  • Dr Shahanara Banu


  • •National Oceanography Centre (Sensors group)

Associated research groups

  • Nano Research Group
  • Southampton Nanofabrication Centre
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