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InStep - part of the In-folio collection.

Accessible Technologies

Measuring progression using video evidence contained in In-Folio


To have an application that can hold video evidence of learners activities and allow for them to be searched by learner activity and or date to allow the video clip to be viewed. When searching by learner and activity a selection of clips from different dates needs to be displayed with the facility to compare two occasions preferably on screen at the same time.

This project was originally developed for the Star College and other specialist FE colleges but is now being adopted by groups supporting adults with learning disabilities as well as younger students in specialist units. Support is ongoing.

Primary investigators

Secondary investigator

  • Sebastian Skuse


  • John Sewell, JISC TechDis Associate
  • Star College
  • ESPA College
  • Rix Centre

Associated research group

  • Web and Internet Science
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