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Southampton Learning Environment

Technology Enhanced Learning, Virtual Communities and Social Systems, Interaction with Knowledge and semantics
HEA Enhancement Academy

This is an ongoing initiative which has impact across the whole university which is part of the current remit of the Curriculum Innovation Programme. A wide group of stakeholders, including representatives from all faculties, iSolutions, ECS and SUSU are meeting regularly to develop the vision of the future Southampton Learning Environment. During the summer of 2010 a number of student interns will develop proof of concept components for the project. Funding for related activity has been gained via a JISC grant complemented by core funding from the University

Primary investigators

Secondary investigators

  • Pete Hancock
  • Kenji Takeda
  • Heidi Solheim
  • Janice Rippon
  • Pat Usher
  • Mark Brown
  • Fiona Grindey
  • Marcus Grace
  • Trevor Bryant
  • Alex Furr
  • Vicky Wright
  • Dave Martin
  • Jamie Ings
  • ji1x07
  • amb1g08

Associated research group

  • Learning Societies Lab
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