The University of Southampton


Web Science, Digital Libraries

The DepositMO project aims to develop an effective culture change mechanism that will embed an open access deposit culture into the everyday work of researchers and lecturers. The proposal will extend the capabilities of repositories to exploit the familiar desktop and authoring environments of its users. The objective is to turn the repository into an invaluable extension to the researcher’s desktop in which the deposit of research outputs becomes an everyday activity. The target desktop software suite is Microsoft Office, which is widely used across many disciplines, to maximise impact and benefit. Targeting both EPrints and DSpace, leveraging SWORD and ORE protocols, DepositMO outputs will support a large number of organisations. The ultimate goal is to change the Modus Operandi of researchers so that repository deposit becomes standard practice across a wide number of disciplines using familiar desktop tools.

Primary investigators

Secondary investigator

  • Richard Boardman


  • Microsoft Corporation
  • CottageLabs
  • School of Engineering Sciences, University of Southampton

Associated research groups

  • Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia Group
  • Web and Internet Science
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