The University of Southampton

Intelligent Systems for Disaster Management

Agent Based Computing, Simulation, Modelling and Evalution, Knowledge Technologies
EPSRC (KTS), Hampshire County Council

The key outputs of the ALADDIN project include the development of a high-fidelity disaster simulation platform and a live situational awareness application. These tools have, so far, been used to evaluate and demonstrate a number of state-of-the-art task and resource allocation algorithms. Given this, we aim to transfer the knowledge acquired in developing these tools and algorithms to the Emergency Planning team at Hampshire County Council. Work will involve upgrading what is currently research-oriented software to more specialised software for experts in the disaster management area. By so doing, we aim to transfer our expert knowledge in the area of multi-agent coordination, disaster simulation, and situational awareness to our partner. This will enable them to assess their emergency response and preparedness strategies. Conversely, by interacting with the domain experts from Hampshire County Council, we aim to enhance our understanding of the research problems that have yet to be tackled in the area of disaster management and, more generally, in situations where large numbers of agents need to be coordinated in a dynamic and uncertain environment. Moreover, through the implementation of our technologies in real-world systems, we aim to generate new data sets that will be useful to us and to the research community at large

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  • bs07r


  • Hampshire County Council

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  • Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia Group
  • Agents, Interaction and Complexity
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