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The Care Life Cycle

The Care Life Cycle
Healthcare, Simulation, Modelling and Evalution, Computational Economics

In April 2010, the University of Southampton was awarded over £3million by the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) under its ‘Complexity Science in the Real World’ initiative to carry out a 5 year multidisciplinary research project on the “Care Life Cycle: Responding to the Health and Social Care Needs of an Ageing Society”. This research programme brings together teams of researchers from social sciences, management science and complexity science to develop a suite of models representing the socio-economic and demographic processes and organisations implicated in the UK’s health and social care provision. Integral to the project is working with our partners in the public sector and communicating the results of these models to policymakers allowing them to effectively plan for the future.

Primary investigators

  • Prof. J.C.Falkingham
  • Prof. S.C.Brailsford
  • sgb
  • Prof. Maria.Evandrou

Secondary investigators

  • Dr J.Bijak
  • Dr A.R.Channon
  • Dr J.H.Klein
  • Dr R.Luff
  • jn2
  • Dr J.Raymer
  • Dr Athina Vlachantoni
  • Dr Rosalind Willis
  • Dr Olga Maslovskaya
  • sr1
  • Dr Richard Shaw
  • Dr Eric Silverman
  • Dr Joe Viana

Associated research groups

  • Science and Engineering of Natural Systems Group
  • Agents, Interaction and Complexity
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