The University of Southampton

Amorphous Computing, Random Graphs and Complex Biological Systems

Artificial Neural Networks, Complex Networks

This interdisciplinary research collaboration arose within the Simple Models of Complex Networks research cluster funded by the EPSRC through the Novel Computation Initiative. Here, leading groups from the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham, Southampton, Royal Holloway and King’s College and industrial partners BT are brought together for the first time to develop novel amorphous computation methods based on the theory of random graphs. In particular we focus on new models with particularly relevant structural features, and on network models in a broad range of biological (neuroscience, epidemics and regulatory networks) and communication (telephone, internet) domains.

Primary investigators

  • Prof Chris Cannings
  • Dr. Nick Monk
  • Dr. Netta Cohen
  • Prof. Martin Dyer
  • Prof. Vincent Jansen
  • Dr Chris Watkins
  • Dr Colin Desmond Cooper
  • sgb
  • Dr Fabrice Saffre

Secondary investigators

  • Dr Jonathan Jordon
  • Dr David Irons
  • Richard Southwell
  • Mariusz Jacyno
  • Dr Orestis Chrysafis
  • Dr James Watson
  • Mohanaraj Velum
  • Andrew Handley
  • Dr Margaritis Voliotis
  • Dr John Bryden
  • Dr Sebastian Funk
  • Dr Nic Geard

Associated research groups

  • Science and Engineering of Natural Systems Group
  • Agents, Interaction and Complexity
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