The University of Southampton

Charge Transport in Nanodielectrics

Nanomaterials and Dielectrics, Solid dielectrics, High Voltage Engineering
Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Although nanocomposites have been exploited for many years in connection with their enhanced mechanical properties, the potential of these materials for use in electrical systems has only recently begun to be considered. Nevertheless, nanodielectrics are now attracting worldwide interest as a result of the attractive combinations of properties that these materials can exhibit. A consequence of introducing a nanofiller into a polymer appears to be the incorporation of a multitude of shallow traps that are associated with the polymer/nanofiller interface, which serve to assist in charge transport. Or, more importantly, serve to prevent the build up of potentially damaging space charge – an issue that will be of increasing technological importance as our reliance on DC links to renewable generation and interconnection of asynchronous generation islands grows. This project will examine the effect of nanostructuration on charge transport dynamics in polymer-based nanocomposites and will extend existing studies of this material class.

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  • Electronics and Computer Science
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