The University of Southampton

Spintronic device physics in Si/Ge Heterostructures


We recently carried out optical experiments that demonstrated RT spin transport and extraction through Ge for the first time,1 based on structure with Ge grown epitaxial on GaAs and an electrodeposited Ni/Ge Schottky contact. Here, we propose to build upon that work and use the Si-Ge system to its full extent, through delta doping and bandstructure-engineering to maximize spin transparency of the electrical contacts and using strain and low dimensionality to enhance coherent transport in the channel. The culmination of this project should be the exciting prospect of the elusive two-terminal semiconductor spin valve operating at RT and an early demonstration of spin modulation by a gate electrode in such a device.

Primary investigators


  • Warwick University
  • Cambridge University

Associated research group

  • Nano Research Group
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