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BluPoint™, will provide a physical content provisioning access point to enable people in off-grid, low resources, communities to access digital materials on their mobile phones and create/share their own digital content. BluPoint™ uses Bluetooth as the local data carrier, which is supported on both smart and non-smart phones alike and is widely used to transfer digital artefacts in LEDCs as it is free. It is envisioned that BluPoint™ will be located in rural health centres, schools, commercial centres, taxi’s, water wells and other places that people naturally gather. BluPoint™ will be used for both content and service provision for commercial, health, government, local-community and entertainment sectors.

The ITaaU funding will enable an investigation and subsequent delivery of a scoping report covering two case studies of potential BluPoint: one in Africa and the other in India. The investigation will focus on user experiences derived in BluPoint created Smart Spaces.

Primary investigator

Secondary investigator

  • mhds


  • ITaaU
  • SetSquared

Associated research group

  • Electronic and Software Systems
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