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EPSRC SematicMedia Mini-Project

SemanticNews is a mini-project funded by Semantic Media Network project whose goal is to address the challenge of time-based navigation in large collections of media documents. The aim of the Semantic News project is to promote people's comprehension and assimilation of news and augmenting live broadcast news articles with information from the Semantic Web in the form of Linked Open Data (LOD).

The SemanticNews project is a collaborative project with the following partners:

The SemanticNews project runs from June to November 2013 and is a short 6 month project with 50% FTE effort at both the University of Southampton and the University of Sheffield. In this time we have decided to focus achieving our project goal for a single BBC programme, namely Question Time.

Primary investigator

Secondary investigators


  • University of Sheffield
  • BBC

Associated research group

  • Web and Internet Science
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