The University of Southampton

Paradigm Unifying System Specification Environments for proven Electronic design

Design, Automation, Simulation and Optimisation, Formal Methods, Systems Engineering

The objective of PUSSEE is to introduce the formal proof of system properties throughout a modular system design methodology that integrates sub-systems co-verification with system refinement and reusability of virtual system components. This will be done by combining the UML and B languages to allow the verification of system specifications through the composition of proven sub-systems (in particular interfaces, using the VSIA/SLIF standard). The link of B with C, VHDL and SystemC will extend the correct-by-construction design process to lower system-on-chip (SoC) development stages. Prototype tools will be developed for the code generation from UML and B, and existing B verification tools will be extended to support IP reuse, according to the VSI Alliance work. The methodology and tools will be validated through the development of three industrial applications: a wireless mobile terminal, an IP encryption module for secure data transmission through internet and a network management module for automobiles.

Secondary investigator


  • Volvo
  • Nokia
  • Intracom
  • KeesDA
  • University of Paderborn
  • ClearSy
  • University of Southampton
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