The University of Southampton

Thermal bubble behaviours in high voltage thermosyphon coolants under electric field

High Voltage Engineering, Liquid dielectrics

In order to improve overall HV plant efficiency, there is increased use of thermosyphon technology to provide temperature control, replacing conventional pumps, fans and radiators. Hydrofluoroethers [C4F9OCH3] and Fluorinated ketone [CF3CF2C(O)CF(CF3)2] are two low global warming potential coolants. One use of these fluids in high voltage plant is as the coolants within a thermosyphon. This project aims to characterise the dielectric properties of the candidate coolants and their coupled thermal-electrical performance.

Primary investigators

  • Paul Lewin
  • Dr Richard Chippendale
  • Jaroslav Hemrle (ABB)

Secondary investigator

Associated research group

  • Electronics and Computer Science
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